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Webhostingpad uptime by WebhostingpadReview.org for February 2011: 99.769% over the internet

Webhostingpad uptime: As you can see the service uptime statistic below, Webhostingpad uptime for February 2011 had improved than last month as 99.769% uptime. The average response time is very fast and it was 0.29 second only. So far we still happy with Webhostingpad hosting, many outages/downtimes was occurred to have been recovered quickly.

Webhostingpad review: Some of you may heard about the bad feedback regarding to Webhostingpad, but this time we would like to tell you Webhostingpad have had improvement and better uptime. Their new Webhostingpad website is more user-friendly now, with only $1.99 per month you can get hassle free web hosting with feature-rich web hosting and 24/7 friendly support for all your website solutions. Click here to sign up Webhostingpad hosting plan for $1.99 per month only


Webhostingpad uptime by WebhostingpadReview.org for January 2011: 99.651% over the internet

Webhostingpad uptime: Webhostingpad is back! Their hosting services and network uptime is getting better than before, no more critical downtimes for all websites that hosted on Webhostingpad. As you can see from the service uptime statistic below, Webhostingpad hosting was recorded as 99.651% network uptime during the month of January 2011. The average response time from Webhostingpad server was recorded as 0.281 per second only.

Webhostingpad review: If this is your first time going to start up a website, Webhostingpad web hosting plan might be your first priority choice. Webhostingpad offers the most budget web hosting plan for $1.99 per month only, and you’ll get all the hosting features and services that you need for all your website requirements. You also receive a free domain name,  host unlimited domains, free builder tools, webmail, web file manager, Softaculous scripts support, shopping cart and more. Click here and sign up with Webhostingpad for $1.99/month now!

Today we search google for webhostingpad problem, complaints or scams story, and we are surprise to found few of them still. Most of these complaint are saying their website went down very often and the WHP service uptime is terrible etc. For that reason, we are posting here our webhostingpad hosted website’s statistic. November we getting 99.6%, and december we getting 99.8% over the internet. That is one good service uptime.

Year ago, we face some domain dns issue for this webhostingpad review site, and belief it or not the uptime was just below 90% and the site uptime is terrible. Our bet is that they are facing some similar problem, if you have this webhostingpad problems, do check with your domain registrar and refresh the DNS setting, this solved our problem, it might works for you as well!

Visit webhostingpad.com here for their budget hosting plan at $1.99/mo!

Webhostingpad uptime by webhostingpadreview.org for September 2010: 99.833% over internet

Webhostingpad uptime: You won’t doubt webhostingpad uptime quality anymore, you won’t think webhostingpad sucks anymore… right after you view this webhostingpad service uptime report. For months we has been getting great service uptime from webhostingpad, and it is great. Not just that, the server response time is fast as well, at 0.26 second in average. Much faster than any other ordinary shared hosting plan!

Webhostingpad review: Webhostingpad is one of the most budget web hosting company, with small price you can get a fully functional web hosting plan. No doubt webhostingpad has been offering quality hosting services since year 2005 and they continue to improve the service until now. For instant our webhostingpad hosted website here is showing great service uptime for the recent few months, view our uptime statistic report for proof as well!

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Webhostingpad uptime by webhostingpadreview.org for August 2010: 99.678% over internet

Webhostingpad uptime: Been a long time we not posted webhostingpad uptime here. Last month our webhostingpad review blog site has been fixed and problem with the DNS record was found, after modification this webhostingpad website is getting much better uptime record. For this August, we recorded a very good 99.678% uptime for our webhostingpad hosted website.

Webhostingpad review: WHP is now one great web hosting bargain, if you want cheap hosting price and pay the little as possible, and getting the most at the same time. Its time to switch over to webhostingpad. You can choose up to 3 years hosting term and lock in the amazing lowest price possible. Use webhostingpad coupon code for yet another $15 dollars discount off the already cheap price of $1.99 per month from webhostingpad cpanel hosting plan!

Visit webhostingpad and see their latest web hosting feature, price, deal, coupon and info here!

Webhostingpad uptime by WebhostingPadReview.org: 99.897% over the internet

Webhostingpad uptime: Webhostingpad provides a good network uptime performance for their users. From the uptime statistic report, it has shown that Webhostindpad has got a little improvement compared to last few months. Less outages and downtimes running on website that hosted on Webhostingpad server. This month it has recorded the Webhostingpad uptime as 99.897% over the internet.

Webhostingpad review: No doubt, Webhostingpad hosting plan is only selling for $1.99 only. What makes Webhostingpad better? If you are looking for a very budget web hosting, you can consider to sign up with Webhostingpad but if you are only want to host a very basic website such as blog, sharing photo album, and other basic websites. The only reason is because we are encounting a lot of users complaint about Webhostingpad service and unstable server. The average response time is slow again and it recorded as 1.428 second.

Webhostingpad uptime for August 2009 by WebHostingPadReview.org: 97.82% over the Internet

Webhostingpad Uptime: As expected, another month of very poor service uptime with webhostingpad hosting. This month is with 175 downtime incidents… thats is alot for one month.  With 97.82% uptime online, there is over 2% of downtime for this month, spreading across the whole month. We are not recording any 100% perfect uptime for the day, everyday there is downtime.

Webhostingpad Review: If we have to rate webhostingpad hosting service quality, we would only give 1 star out of 10. The reason is very simple, WHP uptime statistic is very low, this month is no different with just 97.8% over the internet. Beside that, server are slow, with average at 1.89 second in response. Are they overselling their budget hosting $1.99/mth? Definately, you have the answer!

Webhostingpad uptime stats for August 2009 by www.WebhostingpagReview.org: 97.82% over the internet

For the record, it can be seen the Webhostingpad network uptime is still not bad and it has been recorded at 97.82% over the month. But there is a total of 175 outages are running Webhostingpad’s server, sometimes websites are down due to the Webhostingpad server was down. As for the response time from Webhostingpad is seem a bit slow and it was recorded at 1.894 second. Hopefully it got better result on next month.

Compare Webhostingpad service quality & uptime with other hosting company like: fatcow, fastdomain, dot5 hosting, hostmonster, bluehost, hostgator, ix web hosting, lunarpages, startlogic, liquidweb, ipowerweb, eukhost, host excellence, a2hosting, site5, powweb, cirtex hosting etc.

Webhostingpad is definately a very low budget web hosting plan, from $1.99 per month, and their service uptime is BAD. This webhostingpad review site hosted with them, are experiencing terrible service uptime. Do you know there is many other budget web hosting plan out there as well? For example cirtexhosting $2.99/mo that is offering great service uptime of above 99.9% from our monitoring/testing. And fatcow hosting $2.95/mo that is also delivers wonderful service uptime as well. Not to forget premium quality web hosting like bluehost, hostmonster, ixwebhosting and justhost hosting selling at $2.49 per month and offers excellent server performance and uptime! Make sure you checkout the latest top web hosting review and the budget web hosting from this Topwebhostingreviews.org website too!

Webhostingpad uptime for June 2009 by www.WebHostingPadReview.org: 96.79% over the Internet

Webhostingpad server uptime for this month is still remain a stable condition. The average uptime for Webhostingpad on June 2009 was 96.79% from a total of 8442 monitored checks. There are 249 outages are running the server especially many users is using the server running their website at the same time. As for the average response time from their server was 1.536 second which is considering fast and availability is monitored by WebhostingpadReview.org.

Compare Webhostingpad service quality & uptime with other hosting company like: fatcow, fastdomain, dot5 hosting, hostmonster, bluehost, hostgator, ix web hosting, lunarpages, startlogic, liquidweb, ipowerweb, eukhost, host excellence, a2hosting, site5, powweb, cirtex hosting etc.

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