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A big thanks to webhostingpad support in assisting to identify the website downtime issue. Few days back, we make changes to the domain dns server record and updated it via third party registrar. Unexpectedly there is problem arise and the webhostingpad review site went down for 3 days.

By the time we identify the website downtime, we initiate the live chat with support and hope to find out either its server problem. The support team take a few minutes to go through the problem and finally identify the problem is caused by DNS record which currently is with STATUS = INACTIVE. Which means the domain update process failed and caused the problem.

For domain name registered with third party registrar we have to contact the registrar and speak with the support team to get it fixed. It take about 10 minutes to identify and refresh the domain name record. And after that the domain is back to status active and the website is back online like normal.

Webhostingpad WHP support team is really helpful and experience in solving website problem. Thanks to their help, the webhostingpad web hosting blog is now are available online. Visit webhostingpad for their hosting features and latest promotion here!

Our webhostingpad review blog is down again today, very frustrated when its not responding while we are trying to make posting in this webhostingpadreview.org wordpress blog and the server is down. Webhostingpad ftp service is down and not responding to ftp connection request. And the cpanel is loading very slow. Whats going on here? We waited over 15 minutes but the problem still persist. Its time to get webhostingpad support team to look into this. After chatting with webhostingpad support online chat, we found out that the webhostingpad server that hosting our website is already overloaded, and its not sure caused by who or which website(s). The matter is the server is down, and its overloaded server process.

Patrick K.: Welcome to Web Hosting Pad. How may I help you today? hi. my website is down. domain https://www.webhostingpadreview.org/ cpanel can be login. ftp and website failed.
Patrick K.: Please hold while I look into your issue.
Patrick K.: There is a server load, give it a little bit and it should be back up shortly. caused by my website?
Patrick K.: I am not sure if it was caused by your site or someone elses.
Patrick K.: But are admins are working on it. ok then. i try after. thanks
Patrick K.: Have a good day.

When looking for web hosting services, i expect the hosting plan come with decent technical support as well. When i need assistant, i wish to get it instantly, i get immediate attention, and the issue is resolved in the quickest time. There is no point to wait days for support to reply on email, those days are over!

Nowaday, a decent hosting plan should come with live chat support. I been using this more often than other technical support mean, which including phone support or email support. Live chat support is the quickest and most effective in forwarding your technical issue to support team.

Although Webhostingpad is selling at low price of $3.96 per month, they still come with complete set of customer support which includes:

  • 24/7 Toll free phone support
  • Online live chat
  • email ticket support