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We have been doing web hosting reviews for over three years now, and we belief you have few web hosting experience too. As a webhosting users, we always affraid drop into a bad host and having continues nightmare while hosting with them. Wasting time and energy to fixing the problem that shouldn’t exit.

From our web hosting experience, following are the few key point that makes a web hosting sucks!

  • Over priced.
    A web host can charge more than $10 per month, while others are charging less than $5 dollars for the same thing. That is sucks, stealing money from you!
  • Custom control panel.
    You are in trouble if you signup to web host that offering custom control panel that is filled with bugs and can’t let you do what you want to do. Its just annoying.
  • Terrible service uptime.
    Ever imagine web host that deliver 70% or 80% service uptime over the Internet? The website is always down, slow and not accessible and with lots of server error. That is one sick server!
  • Too little server resources to use.
    Some web host put a limit cap to your hosting account, and only allow you to host one to two websites in your account, overusage will put your website into suspension.

Above are the few things that we are affraid off, and what we try to stay away from. Yes, we had been there before, experiencing the worst before, and luckily we survive from the worst of all.

You are lucky cause there is webhostingpad hosting around. They had improving quit alot in recent year. Much much better service uptime over the internet, cpanel control panel, unlimited hosting plan, unlimited domain hosting, $1.99 per month hosting price, plus webhostingpad coupon code for additional discount.

Webhostingpad is fairly priced, its cheap, its quality, and its with cpanel, they are really good!
Visit webhostingpad website today and view their hosting plan to belief!

Have you been using webhostingpad budget hosting plan? If you are new to webhostingpad, or come across them online, and hope to find the facts about webhostingpad… this webhostingpad review & demo website is the right place to search for the right answer.

We have been hosting with webhostingpad since March 2008, that is more than two years with them, and we are continue to host with web hosting pad. It is cheap, it is good, and webhostinghostingpad not sucks after all. There are no other budget web hosting better than this one, not at the price range below $2 dollars per month. What will you expect from $1.99 per month hosting plan? Now you can, expect professional cpanel hosting from webhostingpad.com

Webhostingpad sucks? Do you think unlimited storage & bandwidth, unlimited domain hosting, cpanel, unlimited mysql and email account, and all these for $1.99 per month is sucks? They give good service uptime too. Is this still sucks? Off course not, this is a great cheap web hosting money can buy, and you are lucky found it online.

Give it a try today, and webhostingpad is not sucks after all! Visit webhostingpad today!