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URL: https://www.webhostingpadreview.org/
Time to Connect: 0.011663 second
Total Loading Time: 0.924416 second
Website Size: 76.08 KB
Tested by http://www.topwebhostingreviews.org/website-speed-test-tool

From our years of web hosting experience with webhostingpad WHP, we are sure that this budget cpanel hosting company is improving from time to time, and now offering good web hosting services too. WHP price from $1.99 per month is suitable for blog hosting or any website hosting, if you need a budget cpanel plan, this will be most budget choice. View webhostingpad and their $1.99/mo hosting plan here!

For this month, we are testing the webhostingpad hosting plan as well, here is the server speed test for the month of August:

URL: https://www.webhostingpadreview.org
Load Time: 1.5288 seconds
Page Size: 74.45 kb

Lately, i am closely monitoring this webhostingpad site performance and server quality. As time pass by, more and more webhostingpad reviews articles had been posted here, and more details reviews had taken place. Its true that webhostingpad hosting plan is getting better and improving over the recent few months.

Following is the web hosting pad speed test for this december 2008, its fast:

URL: https://www.webhostingpadreview.org/
Load Time: 0.9567 seconds
Page Size: 79.84 kb

Alright, this webhostingpad review site is sitting at webhostingpad hosting server right now, yup.. its hosted with webhostingpad. If you like to find out what is the webhostingpad speed test or server speed, you can test on this site.

I had run a server speed test for webhostingpad, and this is the figures that i found:


Domain name Size Load Time Average Speed per KB
1 www.webhostingpadreview.org/ 78.84 KB 5.84 seconds 0.07 seconds