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- Unlimited web storage space, unlimited bandwidth.
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- Unlimited email, unlimited database. CPanel with fantastico.
- Ecommerce, mambo, joomla, forum, blog, coppermine, Ruby on Rails
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About Webhostingpad Web Hosting
Webhostingpad.com has been online since 2005, they are offering extremely affordable web hosting plan since. Webhostingpad has been preferred by over 150,000 websites. Webhostingpad hosting is now offering all-in-one web hosting plan, all unlimited hosting plan with no hidden fees and free setup. Webhostingpad is compatible for all websites and all scripting.

Web hosting pad is well known for their cheap affordable web hosting plan that makes everyone smile. Others are charging you $5 dollars, you get the same thing here for $2 dollars only. This webhostingpad hosting company are with cpanel control panel and with unlimited hosting features inside. 30-days money back guarantee and with no setup fees, this web hosting pad is great for any websites, big or small, personal or business.

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Webhostingpad Reviews and Secret Revealed
We are reviewing webhostingpad for years, and we are hosting with webhostingpad too. This webhostingpad reviews blog is hosted with webhostingpad.com, uses their shared web hosting and we have access to cpanel control panel, and from here we setup our website using wordpress blogging script. We have access to the latest softaculous installer as well. Reviewing and demo test run their budget web hosting plan, having real web hosting experience and reviewing them in real life, that is what differentiate this review site from other webhostingpad review site.

More than 100 webhostingpad reviews articles posted here and counting. We are reviewing everything, from web hosting feature and quality, server performance speed and downtime uptime stat, webhostingpad domain registration transfer and redirecting, email account setup and send receive emails via email client, ftp connection setup and quality review, and webhostingpad coupon codes and promo. There are hundred of facts and secret revealed in this webhostingpad review site, and definitely here have the answer for webhostingpad related question.

Take part in our latest rewards per review program, write us your webhostingpad experience in 50 words testimonial. And we send you $5 as reward money. Honest and direct reviews from webhostingpad customers and user itself.

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Webhostingpad Web Hosting Features Reviewed
What is this $1.99/mo web hosting plan has to offer. The first time we see their offer, we can’t belief it true. Others are charging $5 dollars for similar hosting package, and webhostinpad give it away for $1.99/mo only. Three years back, webhostingpad website isn’t look great as right now, lack of confident for user to signup. But over the years, web hosting pad improved their hosting service and upgrade their website too. The latest webhostingpad website is really good looking, professional, and create confident.

They have done it right, and make it the best budget web host. Webhostingpad web hosting package are carefully designed and suitable for all websites and all users. We have host with them for many years, this webhostingpad review is a blog hosted with them, and we knows they are good at it.

Here are the webhostingpad hosting features and specification:

  1. Unlimited hosting space and bandwidth.
  2. Unlimited domains hosting and hosting extra domain names.
  3. Cpanel control panel with softaculous installer.
  4. Free domain name included.
  5. Free $200 ads credits.
  6. Free website builder tool.
  7. Support e-commerce website and 24/7 security server monitoring.
  8. Weekly backup service.
  9. Four OC-48 connections.
  10. 24/7 US-based technical support with live chat.
  11. 99.9% uptime guarantee.
  12. 30-days money back guarantee.

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Webhostingpad Review and Uptime Rating
From our years of webhostingpad reviews and tracking monitoring, we recorded the webhostingpad uptime rating for many years. This year webhostingpad uptime is amazingly great, we receiving great uptime rating for this budget host plan (which we use to host this webhostingpad review). impressed by their uptime quality. This budget hosting plan really excel and unique at its own, their 99.9% uptime is real!

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Webhostingpad Coupon Code and Discount Price
For limited time, webhostingpad is now available at special promo price $1.99 per month. Select to signup 4 years or 5 years, and you are entitle for this best price. It is more affordable and twice cheaper compare to other top web hosts. That’s not the ending of it, you can get more from this webhostingpad coupon site, we are giving you the webhostingpad coupon code for additional $25 discount from your bill. Order annual hosting plan, enter this webhostingpad coupon TWHR25 and get $25 discount.

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Is there any other webhostingpad promo codes? Yes there is, but it won’t give the best discount as $25 dollars above, this following webhostingpad coupon is giving only $14.95 dollars discount, equal to value of one free domain name for a year. If you visited webhostingpad.com, at their signup page you will get the code anyway, the given coupon code is FREEDOMAIN that offers only $14.95 one time discount. For best & biggest discount, insist to use the TWHR25 for $25 discount.

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For memorial day 2011, webhostingpad is offering weekend special deals and offering one free year for their new customer signup. Order 1 year webhostingpad hosting and get the second year free. This webhostingpad special discount is valid for memorial weekend sales only and valid for two days only.

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If you have been hosting with a web hosting company for months or even for years, surely you know alot about them inside out. This is where your experience and information can be useful and helpful to those considering to signup the same web hosting company as you are using. For example we have webhostingpad, the most budget cpanel hosting company here, selling at only $1.99 per month plus $25 dollars webhostingpad coupon code for more discount! How good is this web hosting company? Any problems with webhostingpad hosting, how about the webhostingpad complaints from users customer? Are they being taken care off and solve by the web hosting company at short time frame?

All these are what this webhostingpad review site are created for, help you to answer your doubt, and provide you with real webhostingpad demo website for testing and rating purposes. The time you landed in this webhostingpad review blog, you are already visiting a webhostingpad hosted website, as we are hosting this site with webhostingpad $1.99/mo web hosting plan. We setup the webhostingpad hosting account, installed this webhostingpad wordpress blog, and created this review site.

What is our reviews for webhostingpad?
Years ago we face more problems than any other web hosts, we nearly giving up hope. But not until last year 2010, our web hosting experience changed from bad to great. This webhostingpad budget host plan is turning good right now, our website is getting superb uptime over the internet. Site is more reliable and online entire time. The webhostingpad problems we faced was caused by the domain DNS issue, which is linked to the domain registrar that we host our domain name, not webhostingpad.com. And this issues had caused us far more trouble than expected, problem can be arrised from anywhere, and domain dns can be one of the issue too. Thats why, choose the domain registrar that you can trust, both reliable and affordable.

If you have more webhostingpad complaints or related problems , you can report it here in this webhostingpad review site, we pays you to write us your webhostingpad reviews.

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Today we search google for webhostingpad problem, complaints or scams story, and we are surprise to found few of them still. Most of these complaint are saying their website went down very often and the WHP service uptime is terrible etc. For that reason, we are posting here our webhostingpad hosted website’s statistic. November we getting 99.6%, and december we getting 99.8% over the internet. That is one good service uptime.

Year ago, we face some domain dns issue for this webhostingpad review site, and belief it or not the uptime was just below 90% and the site uptime is terrible. Our bet is that they are facing some similar problem, if you have this webhostingpad problems, do check with your domain registrar and refresh the DNS setting, this solved our problem, it might works for you as well!

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We have voted webhostingpad.com as the most popular budget web hosting company!! Web hosting pad selling price of $1.99 per month is undeniable the best web hosting offers available today. Together with 150,000 domain hosted by webhostingpad.com, its simply proof them further!

Webhostingpad Reviews: WHP (Webhostingpad) is widely accepted, they are popular, and they are offering the most budget cpanel web hosting plan as well. We can’t find other competitor that selling cpanel hosting plan as better compare to web hosting pad, off course it can’t beats the popularity & selling price of webhostingpad.com

Web Hosting Pad $1.99/mo – Impressive budget cpanel web hosting plan, unlimited domain hosting and unlimited storage space bandwidth transfer, great for any website hosting. View Web hosting pad website for details and features here!

Webhostingpad is the best of the best in budget web hosting package! Do you know that they are most early one that started unlimited web hosting plan? WHP bravely introduce unlimited storage and unlimited bandwidth hosting plan when other web host are limiting you on storage and bandwidth usage. Webhosting pad also introduce unlimited addon domain hosting and unlimited email accounts! Not just that, they lower the price to the most impressively low level, price at $1.99 per month only! Thats what make webhostingpad.com different from other web host competitors!

Not just great web hosting offer, webhostingpad is also one of the most reliable web hosting company, from our uptime statistic collected over a few months, webhostingpad shows great uptime over internet! No joking, view the web hosting pad uptime stat here!

This make webhostingpad one of the best place to host your website, small personal website to larger business online site. Host wordpress blog to cms website or forum website of your choice, webhostingpad cpanel plan is the web hosting plan that works for your budget! For blog hosting, webhostingpad support the following blog platform:

  • WordPress blogs
  • B2evolution blogs
  • Nucleus blogs
  • BBpress blogs
  • Flatpress blogs

Not limited to those blogging application only, if you have found other blogging apps and its supported in cpanel with php and mysql database, webhostingpad can support the apps most likely. If you are unsure, check it with webhostingpad support team and they will let you know soonest possible.

Webhostingpad Blog Hosting – Price at $1.99 per month with cpanel control panel and unlimited website hosting feature! Webhostingpad coupon code can offers you yet another $15 dollars rebate, make sure you get the latest coupon code from our coupon page! Visit and view webhostingpad.com and features here!

Webhostingpad uptime by webhostingpadreview.org for September 2010: 99.833% over internet

Webhostingpad uptime: You won’t doubt webhostingpad uptime quality anymore, you won’t think webhostingpad sucks anymore… right after you view this webhostingpad service uptime report. For months we has been getting great service uptime from webhostingpad, and it is great. Not just that, the server response time is fast as well, at 0.26 second in average. Much faster than any other ordinary shared hosting plan!

Webhostingpad review: Webhostingpad is one of the most budget web hosting company, with small price you can get a fully functional web hosting plan. No doubt webhostingpad has been offering quality hosting services since year 2005 and they continue to improve the service until now. For instant our webhostingpad hosted website here is showing great service uptime for the recent few months, view our uptime statistic report for proof as well!

View the latest webhostingpad hosting offer, promo, coupon code and hosting features here!

Webhostingpad uptime by webhostingpadreview.org for August 2010: 99.678% over internet

Webhostingpad uptime: Been a long time we not posted webhostingpad uptime here. Last month our webhostingpad review blog site has been fixed and problem with the DNS record was found, after modification this webhostingpad website is getting much better uptime record. For this August, we recorded a very good 99.678% uptime for our webhostingpad hosted website.

Webhostingpad review: WHP is now one great web hosting bargain, if you want cheap hosting price and pay the little as possible, and getting the most at the same time. Its time to switch over to webhostingpad. You can choose up to 3 years hosting term and lock in the amazing lowest price possible. Use webhostingpad coupon code for yet another $15 dollars discount off the already cheap price of $1.99 per month from webhostingpad cpanel hosting plan!

Visit webhostingpad and see their latest web hosting feature, price, deal, coupon and info here!

You are one of the webhostingpad users? Give us your webhostingpad user reviews, post it here and let it view by other visitors. Either its good or bad, you can write your simple webhostingpad review and post it in this blog comment.

We are looking for real reviews, pros and cons, good or bad. If you are experiencing good web hosting services here, make a noise about it too. If you are having terrible times here, make double the noise here. We want to know what problems you are facing, and we wish to identify the issues.

All web hosting companies have their pros and cons, regardless it is professional hosting or budget hosting plan. As a customer, we are paying money for the web hosting services as advertised, and we hope to get what advertised. When a web hosting don’t do that good enough, we should wrote it and let others know about it!

Also, view webhostingpad and tell us what you think about their budget hosting for $1.99 per month!

Webhostingpad Coupons: ACTIVATE Code ‘ TWHR25 ‘ for $25 Instant Discount!

Webhostingpad update their coupon codes recently, and alot of previously available coupons are no longer valid. Don’t use those expired coupon code, it will not give you any discount. Currently, the best webhostingpad coupon to use is the following coupon that offering $15 dollars discount. You can activate the webhostingpad promo codeFREEDOMAIN‘ below in order to get the discount price.

Webhostingpad is offering $15 dollars Off their web hosting plan when you activated their coupon code. If you choose annual hosting plan, you can get another 31% discount off from regular price $3.95 per month. If you choose 3 years plan, you get 20% discount off regular price $1.99 per month.

$1.99/mo is not the lowest price you paying, use these webhostingpad coupon code and get another 20% discount off. Visit webhostingpad & view their web hosting plan here!

Webhostingpad has gone been Green since established in 2005 from the very start. Webhostingpad hosting is continually goes Green again! Besides the price of Webhostingpad hosting plan is very cheap as low as $1.99 per month only, they’re also offering Green Hosting and environmental friendly hosting. Carbon offsetting is included free with their web hosting plan.

At Webhostingpad cPanel control panel that offer unlimited hosting service for the lowest price, unlimited space, unlimited traffic, host unlimited domains and unlimited MySQL database. They have started their green initiatives within their own offices to gone completely paperless to reduce waste in landfills. Also, all of the technology from hard drives to data centers has been energy efficient compliant and geared towards reducing carbon emissions. By choosing Webhostingpad Green web hosting plan, you can help do your bit to protect the environment.

Are you ready to go Green with Webhostingpad now? If yes, you can proceed to Webhostingpad.com website to sign up their hosting plan now at $1.99 per month only. This price is applied to 3 or 4 years plan only.

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