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Webhostingpad Hosting is the most budget web hosting plan in the market. If you are first time to start up a website and interested to give a try to run a website. Webhostingpad can be the choice for you, although it is not the perfect web hosting but the features they offered is enough for you to run a basic website such as personal blog, photo sharing website, community website, forum, or you want to promote your services and products online.

Webhostingpad discount offers a special discount to save $36 off of their web hosting plan. As we mentioned before, Webhostingpad $1.99/mo. is offering for 3 or 4 year-term only. But if you really want to give a try but not interested to sign up for this long term duration. You can consider to sign up for 2 years plan and it is offer for $2.45 per month only (Regularly $2.95 per month). The total you are paying for Webhostingpad of 2 years hosting plan is $58.80 only. If you still only want to host for 1 year, then the price for 1 year-term would be $3.95 per month. (Regularly $4.95 per month) and the total of 1 year-term is $47.40 only.

Webhostingpad is definately a very low budget web hosting plan, from $1.99 per month, and their service uptime is BAD. This webhostingpad review site hosted with them, are experiencing terrible service uptime. Do you know there is many other budget web hosting plan out there as well? For example cirtexhosting $2.99/mo that is offering great service uptime of above 99.9% from our monitoring/testing. And fatcow hosting $2.95/mo that is also delivers wonderful service uptime as well. Not to forget premium quality web hosting like bluehost, hostmonster, ixwebhosting and justhost hosting selling at $2.49 per month and offers excellent server performance and uptime! Make sure you checkout the latest top web hosting review and the budget web hosting from this Topwebhostingreviews.org website too!

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