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Do you know that web hosting set various limit to their web hosting account, and this not just limited storage space and bandwidth limit. There is inodes limit which set the number of files you can host in each hosting account. Email sending limit per hour and per day. And there is ftp upload file size limit too.

For webhostingpad the maximum file size that you are allowed to upload is currently set to 9.7GB per file upload. We getting this data from the webhostingpad cpanel ftp file manager tool in our webhostingpad hosting account. While doing ftp uploading for files, the file manager is showing the file size limit per each upload.

Webhostingpad is unlimited hosting plan where you can host multiple websites in each account. Webhostingpad coupon code for the most discount can be found here in this webhostingpad review site too. Visit webhostingpad for their $1.99/mo hosting plan here!

Webhostingpad is with cpanel, and we preferred cpanel hosting the most. The first time we saw webhostingpad promotion, we are absolutely can’t belief it. Webhostingpad is offering cpanel web hosting plan for under $2 dollars per month, and you can get another $15 dollars discount from webhostingpad coupon. This is crazy web hosting deal doesn’t it!

For sure, cpanel web hosting come with most complete tools and feature all you need to run a website. You won’t need other software or tools, cpanel is enough. For example if you want to create website, use the site builder tool that come with cpanel control panel. To manage web files, use the file manager tool. To install software/script, use the fantastico tool. Everything you need is all available here in cpanel.

File manager tool is one web based software that you use to view your hosting directory, manage files, change file attribute, upload files, delete files, and more. The feature is complete and easy to use. We access to file manager recently, and test it ourselves, its really fast and simple to navigate through web files and edit them. The file upload feature allow use to upload files to server, 3 files by default, but we can add more files when require. For huge batch files uploading, you can get the ftp client software to manage it, for example filezilla that is free software.

Webhostingpad is offering you the free file manager tool, and webhostingpad is the most budget web host you can find!

Our webhostingpad review blog is down again today, very frustrated when its not responding while we are trying to make posting in this webhostingpadreview.org wordpress blog and the server is down. Webhostingpad ftp service is down and not responding to ftp connection request. And the cpanel is loading very slow. Whats going on here? We waited over 15 minutes but the problem still persist. Its time to get webhostingpad support team to look into this. After chatting with webhostingpad support online chat, we found out that the webhostingpad server that hosting our website is already overloaded, and its not sure caused by who or which website(s). The matter is the server is down, and its overloaded server process.

Patrick K.: Welcome to Web Hosting Pad. How may I help you today? hi. my website is down. domain https://www.webhostingpadreview.org/ cpanel can be login. ftp and website failed.
Patrick K.: Please hold while I look into your issue.
Patrick K.: There is a server load, give it a little bit and it should be back up shortly. caused by my website?
Patrick K.: I am not sure if it was caused by your site or someone elses.
Patrick K.: But are admins are working on it. ok then. i try after. thanks
Patrick K.: Have a good day.

Webhostingpad is a complete web hosting solution. Expect to find the decent web hosting features in it; unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited domain hosting, unlimited email accounts, unlimited mysql database, and unlimited ftp accounts as well.

The unlimited ftp account feature is not listed at the webhostingpad specification page. I managed to digg these information from my webhostingpad hosting account.

Ftp Accounts: 2/∞

From the webhostingpad cpanel stat, i can see that i am using 2 out of unlimited ftp accounts.