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We are recommending the most budget smf forum hosting here, not just any forum hosting site. With hosting price under Two dollars per month, you can now use the webhostingpad hosting plan $1.99 per month to host smf forum website. Also the other forum software including phpbb and vbulletin forum software.

We had tested the Simple Machine Forum (SMF) forum site setup installation at webhostingpad hosting account. We are using this hosting account for demo testing, and it works. Just like any other more expensive cpanel hosting plan, webhostingpad is perform great. Compare to bluehost $6.95, and hostgator $7.95, webhostingpad $1.99 for unlimited hosting feature is really excellent.

Visit webhostingpad and also view the latest webhostingpad coupon code here. We would recommend new customer to use the webhostingpad coupon TWHR25 as its giving the highest discount price. With this webhostingpad discount, their hosting package is more affordable and cheaper too, making this the best place to host your SMF forum cheap.

Go to webhostingpad & get the cheapest forum hosting!

Webhostingpad cpanel hosting is good for forum web hosting. Previously, we have setup the phpbb forum with open source code in this web hosting pad hosting, and manage to get it running smoothly. Vbulletin forum hosting require more mysql resources and server resources, and we planning to test webhostingpad forum hosting compatibility with vbulletin forum script.

From our demo test run at webhostingpad hosting, we setup the vbulletin forum script version 3.8.1 at web hosting pad server with cpanel. The forum installation is manually and require longer time as vbulletin setup steps are more complicated and involved lots of steps one after another. Once we get the vbulletin setup, we ran a small testing and evaluating the webhostingpad.com hosting server for compatibility.

The vbulletin forum can be install at webhostingpad cpanel hosting and run smoothly.

Webhostingpad is really a low budget forum hosting plan that you could ever found online. Web hosting pad $3.95 per month hosting plan which is compatible for phpbb forum & smf forum scripts discussion board. You can easily setup phpbb and smf forum via webhostingpad cpanel fantastico easy installation.

From our short testing and demo installation of phpbb forum, we manage to setup the empty phpbb forum site and make it up & running smoothly. The new phpbb forum require 45MB web storage space.

PhpBB forum New Installation  (3.0.3)
Disk space required: 44.84 MB
Disk space available: 9969.5 MB

There are only small number of web hosting company maintaining their own cummunity forum site. I tried to search for webhostingpad forum site, but i really can’t find it. Appear to be they not running community site.

However, you can jump into this “webhostingpad forum”, a subforum actually. That is hosted at this IX web hosting forum site. Webhostingpad forum can be found at this link:


Webhostingpad host is cheapest host available today where you can get unlimited bandwidth and disk space. This host provides you PHP support and Mysql databases therefore it can be used for hosting forums.

There are a lot of free host for forums as well but they’ll not allow you to display your own ads or will have there own ads also. Webhostingpad gives you a free domain and free site builder as well. I could not find anything limited on this host. Webhostingpad hosting fee is as low as $4.95 per month. You can get webhostingpad special discount by using the webhostingpad coupon code available in homepage of this webhostingpad review blog.

With free domain name you get from web hosting pad and hosted all your domains with them because Webhostingpad allows you to host unlimited additional domains with unlimited bandwidth and unlimited disk space. You also can have many emails on my all domains which I hosted with them and they support unlimited email addresses so I did not have problem. Webhostingpad also supports unlimited email forwarders and auto responders, so you can provide one with every email. There is no limit on number of domains and databases, so you can host unlimited number of forums with them. Further, they also allow you to have unlimited subdomains. Every feature that you can think off is offered by Webhostingpad. They support CGI-BIN and Server Side Includes (SSI). You also get frontpage extensions and a cPanel control panel to gain access to all features easily.

You also get Webmail which can be used to gain access to your emails with browsers and there is no need for special email software such as Microsoft Outlook. Further, Log files and stats like unique hits and total hits are also provided in the cPanel as well. You can also customize the error pages which appears when there is downtime or any other error like if user is requesting some page which is deleted or not present but is requesting a subdomain of your domain. Webhostingpad also provides you Web file manager so that if you are away from your computer or file manager software is not working properly you can still manage files. Webhostingpad also provides you spam assassin protection and supports Fantastico Script.

Webhostingpad has powerful servers like Dual Xeon Intel which are raid protected servers and has a world class datacenter. It also takes storage backups so that if there is a disk failure you won’t loose your important data, and they also have four OC-12 connections.

There are many features available which helps you maintain your forum properly like message board, form-mail script, and PHP nuke. It also supports web blogs, wordpress, and b2evolution. It also provides mailing list and help maintain image galleries. There is support for Mambo and Joomla. Webhostingpad also provides a phpForm generator.

You can also easily start selling products on your forums because Webhostingpad provides a secure server and provides OS Commerce Shopping Cart for free. You can also password protect your directories and directories can also be encrypted.

Webhostingpad also supports streams so that you can even have your own broadcast for your forums. It also allows saving all types of music files such as Midi or MP3.

They also provide 30 days money back guarantee if you are not satisfied. So, you can try them for free for 30 days. The only drawback was that they have longer downtimes and sometimes visitors wonder where the website is.

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