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As any other cpanel web hosting, webhostingpad is also offering variety of webmail clients for their customer. As webhostingpad allows you to create unlimited email accounts, you can setup email account for each of your hosting users, for example everyone in your sales marketing department. And each of these sales executive can login to their webmail client and check email from web browser, or they can use email client program to download email to their local computer, for example outlook express.

Webhostingpad is offering horde webmail, squirrelmail, and roundcube webmail client program. You can check email online via these webmail tools. It was tested and working fine, we are able to login to webhostingpad webmail and check email online.

View webhostingpad cpanel hosting plan, its $1.99 per month and with unlimited email accounts!

Webhostingpad budget hosting plan is really cheap, at just $3.96 per month you can get a full featured web hosting plan complete with multiple website hosting, email accounts, email mailing list manager, and email spam protection as well.

Webhostingpad is offering both boxtrapper and spam assassin email filtering feature, and available for free in the webhostingpad cpanel control panel. To enable boxtrapper or spam assassin, you can login to cpanel and choose the email account to protect with these tool.

Boxtrapper is most effective is preventing spams as they using white list and black list, and you can add spam keyword to the banned list as well. Very powerful and very easy to use.

Whenever you build your own website you also need to assign email addresses of the domain of the website to its staff, which even includes the owner. Further, when you host many websites on a single host and the staff for each website is also big then you’ll start running out of email addresses which is limited on most hosts. However, the Webhostingpad provides you the feature of unlimited emails. Therefore, you can have as many websites with staff of no limits with Webhostingpad.

On most web hosts there is limit to send number of emails per hour. So, if you want to send information about a new offer to your clients then the limit can be very disturbing as you’ll have to sit and wait or the remaining hour so that you can send further mails. However in $4.95 per month, Webhostingpad offers you unlimited email forwarding. This implies that you can forward information of your product or new features to all your clients.

Everyone needs a vacation also Internet is a global market therefore your vacation will not mean that your client is also on vacation and will not shoot a mail to you. Therefore you can also get emails when you are away from your email account for long time. Now to resolve this problem, Webhostingpad also provides you with email auto-responder. You can preset the auto responder for different email addresses or groups. Auto responder will automatically respond to any incoming mail. It is very important if you are out of town or not well because you need to inform the people who send you the mail that you’ll be unavailable or any other situation or incident. Webhostingpad provides you with such e-mail auto-responder which is fully customizable and allows you to send emails even when you are not available on desk.

There are no complains from my side regarding email. The email service of Webhostingpad is simply superb and has no flaws. Every feature is unlimited which provides you a hassle free service. There was no downtime in email as I gain access to my emails 24 / 7. There were no complains from my staff and team members. However I received, complains from many clients that they are not able to gain access to their email properly. I simply reported the matter to the support team, and they fixed the issue in the same day. The time taken by the support team was more than what I expected as I was expecting the issue to be solved within few hours. Support team took time but the same problem never came back again so I am still satisfied with the email service.

Webhostingpad also provides webmail which makes it possible to even check or send mails when you are not at your computer and do not have the configured OutLook. With the help of webmail, one can check mails on browsers as well.

Therefore, I conclude that Webhostingpad provides good email facilities and features.

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