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Webhostingpad uptime for August 2009 by WebHostingPadReview.org: 97.82% over the Internet

Webhostingpad Uptime: As expected, another month of very poor service uptime with webhostingpad hosting. This month is with 175 downtime incidents… thats is alot for one month.  With 97.82% uptime online, there is over 2% of downtime for this month, spreading across the whole month. We are not recording any 100% perfect uptime for the day, everyday there is downtime.

Webhostingpad Review: If we have to rate webhostingpad hosting service quality, we would only give 1 star out of 10. The reason is very simple, WHP uptime statistic is very low, this month is no different with just 97.8% over the internet. Beside that, server are slow, with average at 1.89 second in response. Are they overselling their budget hosting $1.99/mth? Definately, you have the answer!

Webhostingpad uptime for december 2008: 93.571% over the Internet. Source by www.webhostingpadreview.org

Webhostingpad service uptime for this month is just average, recorded a 93.5% over the internet. There were few service downtime detected over the months, and reason for downtime is unsure. The server response time is slow at 5 second in average.

Compare Webhostingpad service quality & uptime with other hosting company like: fatcow, fastdomain, dot5 hosting, hostmonster, bluehost, hostgator, ix web hosting, lunarpages, startlogic, liquidweb, ipowerweb, eukhost, host excellence, a2hosting, site5, powweb, cirtex hosting etc.

Webhostingpad uptime for october 2008: 85.68% over the Internet

Once again, we are seeing poor service uptime from webhostingpad hosting. This month recording a 85% service uptime only. More than 983 service downtime recorded over the month.

Server response time was slow, recording an average of 4.875 second.

Webhostingpad uptime for September 2008: 89% over the Internet

Previous month’s webhostingpad service uptime was bad, recorded at just 87% service uptime only. This month, webhostingpad uptime sucks again, recorded at just 89% over the internet. With over 742 service downtime/problem detected. Their hosting services down for hour+ each day. Refer to statistic below, we can see the service downtime occur each day.

Webhostingpad server response time was very slow at just 2.3 second. Might be some problem with their hosting server performance or overloading issue.

Hostgator hosting was recording 99.9% service uptime for the pass few months, you might need to check out the hostgator hosting at www.hostgatorreview.org

Webhostingpad uptime for august 2008: 87% over the Internet

This would be the worst service uptime i ever witnesing, webhostingpad uptime for august 2008 had been recorded at just 87% only. With over 700 service downtime detected over the whole month. That is extremely high count of service downtime. Whats the problem with this webhostingpad server??

In most of the days, there were 30+ service fail checks.. that is equal to 2 hours+ of service downtime per day. More than 10% of service downtime each day. This webhostingpad server is really goes wrong and causing lots of problem. Isn’t the webhostingpad support doing something to get this fixed?

The webhostingpad average server response time was above 2.5 second.. indicating a slow server.. which might be caused by overloaded server or slow server performance.