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Webhostingpad unlimited hosting plan $3.96/month is complete with unlimited mysql database as well. This allow you to create many database driven websites. Remember that each open source web apps oftenly requires one database in order for it to work, and all its data will be saved inside this individual database. For this reason, if you host 10 websites in this webhostingpad account, and each of them are database driven, this mean you will need 10 MySQL database to be created within your webhostingpad account.

Today, most open source web application for example phpbb forum, wordpress blog, zen cart e-commerce, and many others are automatically create database for you if you setup these apps from webhostingpad installer softaculous. Its an installer tool that manage web apps installation and it manage the require database all together.

If you are looking for webhostingpad database version information, this webhostingpad review blog is the right place to visit.

  • MySQL version5.0.51a-community
  • phpMyAdmin –
  • MySQL charset:  UTF-8 Unicode (utf8)

View Webhostingpad.com web hosting plan with unlimited database here

Webhostingpad provides MySQL to enable the user to access and query the databases created in their accounts. MySQL interface is embedded in cPanel so the users can access in conveniently. SQL is standard query language which is adopted as a standard to retrieve or input data to/from databases and query them. MySQL is relational database management system (RDBMS) which is used to provide simultaneous access to many users to number of databases.

MySQL is available for free but the support is not free, so Webhostingpad provides both MySQL and support for it. SQL can be embedded in many of the core programming languages such as JAVA, python etc. MySQL provided by Webhostingpad can also be used to create different views for different user as all users cannot be given the same access.

Webhostinpgad allows you to create unlimited databases which can be accessed using MySQL. They also provide an utility known as PHPMyAdmin which accesses and query all the databases. Webhostingpad hosting is the only few hosting company that offering unlimited mysql database creation, side-by-side with unlimited domain hosting and unlimited disk space. Not many web hosting company is able to provide these features at this affordable price of $3.96 per month (after apply the webhostingpad coupon).

If you need a really unlimited website hosting that allows you to setup one or ten or one hundred websites with mysql database at the backend, you should look for web hosting plan like this one from webhostingpad.com

*Another great aspect of Webhostingpad is that the data is encrypted and is thus secure. Even if some hackers manages to copy the data by breaking the firewall your data will still be encrypted. Therefore great security features are provided by Webhostingpad.

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