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What about hosting your php-nuke website at $2 dollars hosting plan? Not just any hosting plan, its webhostingpad $1.99 hosting plan, it is with cpanel and off course it can run php-nuke too. No html knowledge require if you want to host your own php-nuke website, all you need is access to your webhostingpad cpanel hosting account.

Go to fantastico, and get to php-nuke installer. Click the “new installation” link, and you will get to the installation page right the way. Complete all three page of installation interview, provide all the information asked. Provide the admin login and password, your email, how many articles to display on homepage, enable syndication, allow multi-language feature, and click the install php-nuke button at the bottom.

Next, the fantastico installer create the mysql database for your new php-nuke website. Complete the installation step 2. Wait for the setup installation progress, you will be updated on each progress, for example the config.php and data.sql had been configured. Done, the installation is complete now.

We installed the php-nuke website at subdirectory, and visiting the url shows the php nuke website as following. There is default homepage, welcome page, member login, voting and survey on the right.

Webhostingpad hosting is truely a hassle-free hosting, this webhostingpad review site is hosted with them at $1.99 per month, and webhostingpad coupon code offering another $15 dollars discount. View webhostingpad hosting plan today!

With Webhostingpad hosting, you are able to find the site creator / builder by CM4all on your Webhostingpad cpanel control panel. CM4all site creator is a leading providers of web-based applications that provide customers to create professional-looking consumer and business websites with useful and powerful features, such as  photo album, blog, and event planner.

It is grateful to have a site creator from Webhostingpad, and now we can even save more without spending any costs on web design. It is customizable to fit your needs and style of the design.  The price of Webhostingpad hosting is only at $4.95/mo. If you are order for 2 years term, you are able to get discount at only $2.75/mo. We are suggesting our users to order 3 years term for the Webhostingpad hosting, and you are only need to pay $1.99 /mo. It is valuable to host for 3 years term, as it is really cheap for hosting plan. Webhostingpad understand their customer needs and provides the best service and rich-features of their hosting plan for their customers.  Order 3 years term at $1.99/mo now, at limited time only.

Here are the sample of the professional looking website which created by CM4all site builder.

It is very costly to build a professional website especially the design of the template and the website contents itself. Webhostingpad understand customer needs and hence you can save a lot to build your website hosted with Webhostingpad. Therefore, Webhostingpad hosting provides you the FREE website builder for those who want a professional looking site without spending any cost. A great and wide variety of professionally designed templates for you to choose from and it is all ready for you to customize it.

You just need a few steps to complete a website. With Webhostingpad’s site builder using WysiwygPro as an online HTML editor and it supported with Javascript and HTML in the browser, requires no browser plug-ins, and ActiveX controls. Moreover, it supports all Internet Explorer versions from 5.0 above on Windows, Mozilla, Firefox or any other browser with an equivalent gecko layout engine on any platform where these browse are available.

There are more extra components features included such as photo album, online form, online counter, online flash editor, customer page title, customer META tag; META keywords, META description, Page effect and Guest book. It is packed with colorful stylish design templates, page layout and navigator styles. For more information, you can visit Webhostingpad.com website to check out their sample beautiful web templates.

Webhostingpad is another good web hosting provider to host your mambo cms website. Web hosting pad $3.96 per month hosting plan are suitable for most the cms hosting scripts hosting, you can host mambo open source at webhostingpad.com as well.

Webhostingpad hosting with cpanel and unlimited hosting featuring unlimited storage, unlimited domain, unlimited mysql database, are recommended for cms hosting. You can host multiple cms websites at single webhostingpad.com hosting account.

Through our testing and demo installation, mambo website had been setup and tested at this web hosting pad $3.96 per month hosting server running cpanel and mysql database.

You can build very professional looking website in just minutes of time with joomla cms script. Joomla script can be setup and hosted at web hosting pad hosting. From webhostingpad cpanel fantastico, there is joomla version 1.5.8 for quick installation.

Joomla New Installation  (1.5.8)
Disk space required: 24.55 MB
Disk space available: 9969.5 MB

Once we had completed the joomla site installation at sub-directory, we proceed to administration control panel. And quickly setup a front page, contact page, newsflash, voting at homepage etc. Everything is working well and smooth running. Joomla hosting at webhostingpad is quick and easy.

Webhostingpad cpanel hosting with unlimited hosting features are compatible for drupal hosting, you are able to host your drupal cms website with webhostingpad.com. Not only that, we had tested this out, we run a quick drupal script installation and manage to setup the simple drupal site and view the demo drupal site.

Drupal script are a very famous content management script, and you can use it to setup corporate website or personal website, and its commonly used for web publishing purposes. Adding in your web content and create new webpages is easy, everything is done via drupal admin control panel, no html scripting require.

Drupal New Installation  (6.6)
Disk space required: 4.97 MB
Disk space available: 9969.5 MB