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Webhostingpad has always been the most affordable web hosting plan available today. When you ask for low price web hosting plan that can give you more than half price off what others are charging you, webhostingpad $1.99 web hosting plan is all you need.

In recent improvement at webhostingpad cpanel hosting services, we have noted that this budget hosting plan is now even better and more recommended for website hosting, including wordpress blogs hosting, cms websites and forum site, and ecommerce site hosting too. We have phpbb forum site running in shared web hosting, its require just smaller amount of resources compare to other forum software, and even this webhostingpad cpanel plan is capable to handle the forum site as well.

From our website hosting with webhostingpad, we monitoring their uptime quality and server speed, its impressing. We are getting the same kind of data that other top web hosts are giving us, something even better than few of them. For the web hosting spec and features wise, web hosting pad have more to offer too.

  • Unlimited disk space and unmetered bandwidth.
  • Unlimited addon domain hosting, multiple sites hosting.
  • Unlimited email account and email autoresponder and spam protected.
  • Unlimited mysql database.
  • cpanel with softaculous installer, great for website software installation.
  • Dual Xeon Intel Raid Protected Servers
  • Four OC-12 Connections
  • Weekly site backup
  • Support video streaming and audio streaming
  • ecommerce website hosting enabled, private SSL cert sold seperately.

Those are the top features for webhostingpad basic hosting plan. They have premium plan that is specificly designed for ecommerce hosting and together with SSL cert inside. For wordpress blogging site, we would recommend a budget wordpress hosting solution and get what you need at WHP basic plan price at $1.99 per month.

Host with webhostingpad at much lower price when you use the webhostingpad coupon code TWHR25 to entitle for additional $25 dollars discount, the best webhostingpad coupon code ever!

Visit webhostingpad.com here for the budget wordpress hosting plan!

What’s an Auto Installer ? An Auto Installer can be used to install scripts and software without you having to upload files. You don’t need to create any database for the scripts and go through the complex procedures of installing these software packages!

Webhostingpad is the best of the best in budget web hosting package! Do you know that they are most early one that started unlimited web hosting plan? WHP bravely introduce unlimited storage and unlimited bandwidth hosting plan when other web host are limiting you on storage and bandwidth usage. Webhosting pad also introduce unlimited addon domain hosting and unlimited email accounts! Not just that, they lower the price to the most impressively low level, price at $1.99 per month only! Thats what make webhostingpad.com different from other web host competitors!

Not just great web hosting offer, webhostingpad is also one of the most reliable web hosting company, from our uptime statistic collected over a few months, webhostingpad shows great uptime over internet! No joking, view the web hosting pad uptime stat here!

This make webhostingpad one of the best place to host your website, small personal website to larger business online site. Host wordpress blog to cms website or forum website of your choice, webhostingpad cpanel plan is the web hosting plan that works for your budget! For blog hosting, webhostingpad support the following blog platform:

  • WordPress blogs
  • B2evolution blogs
  • Nucleus blogs
  • BBpress blogs
  • Flatpress blogs

Not limited to those blogging application only, if you have found other blogging apps and its supported in cpanel with php and mysql database, webhostingpad can support the apps most likely. If you are unsure, check it with webhostingpad support team and they will let you know soonest possible.

Webhostingpad Blog Hosting – Price at $1.99 per month with cpanel control panel and unlimited website hosting feature! Webhostingpad coupon code can offers you yet another $15 dollars rebate, make sure you get the latest coupon code from our coupon page! Visit and view webhostingpad.com and features here!

When hosting for blog, blogger usually find the most budget web hosting plan that fullfil their requirement. This include hosting features, cpanel control panel, good technical support including live chat support, and good service uptime. For sure, we hope to go through the process once only, and don’t wish to fall into bad host and have to repeat the process once over!

This is when you will need to find the “Best Budget Blog Host“. It have to be cheap, and offering all you need, and they got to be with at least 30-days money back guarantee too. Well, this is what webhostingpad cpanel hosting plan have to offer you, price from $1.99 per month… and there is webhostingpad coupon code for $15 dollars discount too. Thats the best price you can get for cpanel hosting.

Always make sure you host your blog site according to your plan. If you are planning for wordpress blog, let say you start with one website and work for it for a month, then start second website and work on it for another month. At the same time maintening all your websites at once from time to time, thats what a good management work looks like. Once your online present grow, you will need to consider upgrade to vps plan or even a dedicated server, we left that to future upgrade when your blogs are making money after.

Until then happy blogging, and we hope you visit webhostingpad hosting plan for details too and view the latest WHP promotion with $1.99 hosting plan!

Do you want a budget wordpress hosting plan? Or you want a quality wordpress hosting? Its a tough choice, its best to have both, the quality budget web hosting plan for your wordpress blogging web site!

Its here at webhostingpad. From our years of webhostingpad reviews and testing, we are sure that webhostingpad is improving and offering one of the most budget wordpress host. You can’t beat the low price $1.99 per month. Its like a crazy web hosting deals to giving you cpanel web hosting plan with unlimited domain hosting and other unlimited feature, all for $2 dollars per month. Yes, that is what webhostingpad is doing right now.

Host your wordpress blogs with webhostingpad. We have this webhostingpad review site setup using wordpress, and hosting it with webhostingpad.com hosting plan, its cheap and its good. It serve as a good place to nursing your first wordpress blogging site, its low budget and its low cost. Run your own blogging site and make money from it, its always great to have site income from adwords, banner ads, traffic conversion and many more.

No webhostingpad coupon code require, go to webhostingpad and view their hosting from $1.99 per month.

You can order web hosting services from Webhostingpad and get an account with unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth. You can host many blogs on single account as they support unlimited domains as well as databases. I look for following characteristics when looking for a web host for my blog:

Firstly, the webhost should always meet your growing needs and thus should grow with you or I can say it should be ascendable because, as your blog grows it starts getting more visitors and business. So the bandwidth and disk space requirements keep increasing. Therefore, I selected Webhostingpad because it provides unlimited disk space and bandwidth.

Secondly, there are always issues with every host. So we cannot look for a web host without issues. However, we can look for a web host which can resolve these issues as soon as possible. If you have questions, the webhost should reply as soon as possible. If there are some issues, the webhost should resolve them quickly. The response or first turnaround time should be less than 6 hours. Webhostingpad does not provide an extraordinary support but still you can expect a reply or a resolution in 48 to 72 hours.

Thirdly, the web host should provide easy site management. Any webmaster needs to transfer and/or update the content of the website very frequently. So the web host should provide appropriate tools and software for managing your data on the server. It should not only support FTP transfers, but should also have web file manager to allow a person to update website using browsers. Webhostingpad provides a good web file manager and supports all major FTP clients.

Fourthly, the network of the web host should be of high-quality. Speed should be good which means that servers should provide up-to-date data and there should be multiple points of connectivity. Webhostingpad has good speed and servers are updated quickly. Bandwidth should be good. Webhostingpad provides unlimited bandwidth. The web servers should be secure and there should be firewall and back-up. Webhostingpad is a secure server as it has firewall and maintains log and back-up. Further, the downtime of servers should be 00.01%. However, Webhostingpad has a high downtime which is a concern.

Finally, another aspect of web host is software support. There should be adequate software installed on the web server such as support for CGI scripts, support for ASP and FrontPage, and PHP. Software in all hosts is different. However, Webhostingpad provides all the required software support and there are much additional software installed as well like software for customizing Error Pages, Mailing List, Image Galleries/Coppermine, Mambo and Joomla, phpForm Generator, PHP/ Perl/ Python, Ruby/Ruby On Rails v1.1 etc.

Another very crucial and deciding factor is the price because, if you cannot afford the web host, no matter the features they provide they are all useless for you. Webhostingpad is very cheap and the packages start from fee as low as $3.96. (use the webhostingpad coupon to entitle for this special discount rate/price)

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