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What is the chance of webhostingpad defeating the other top web hosting plan? We are selecting few top web hosts for comparison here, and the first rules is cpanel control panel and the unlimited web hosting plan, and it must be at the same quality and service uptime rating! Off course, we are monitoring these web hosting companies uptime and server speed, its easy for us to see the weak one and kick it our from this web host comparison test!

After comparing hosting feature and price and quality, we think webhostingpad is the most budget cpanel web hosting company here. Their hosting package price simple defeat other cpanel web hosting, including

Can you name any other cpanel web host that price at below $2 dollars per month? There is one sound competitor, cirtex web hosting price at $2.45, but they only allows 7 domains to be hosted, and we can’t see other web hosts that beat this price either. Webhostingpad $1.99/mo with unlimited domain hosting is still the most superior after all.

Cpanel web hosting plan are expensive and its commonly price at above $3 dollars per month, its rare to find cpanel web host price at below $2 dollars for sure. Even if, you will find yourself signup with reseller plan or someone running web hosting services from home and not giving you technical support on server downtime failure. Cry for help and no one going to answer you!

Web Hosting Pad $1.99/mo – The most budget cpanel web hosting plan money can buy! You get another $15 dollars off with our webhostingpad coupon codes, you get the discount on signup page! For sure, pay less and get more for what you paid! We encourage webmaster to choose webhostingpad.com!

Are you seriously looking for web hosting plan, and still can’t find a web host that offering what you need at low price? Have you search the right web hosting company for that? If you have found hostgator or bluehost, they are charging $7.95 and $6.95 respectively per month. If you need more budget hosting plan, there is few other web host like just host at $3.45 and greengeeks hosting at $4.95 per month. If you seriously require a low budget web hosting plan, you are lucky to found this!

Webhostingpad WHP is just $1.99 per month, and you can use our webhostingpad coupon code for yet another $15 dollars discount off this price. Imagine that, you are paying far less than $1.90 for this cpanel web hosting plan. Its offering with unlimited domain hosting and unlimited storage space. Alright, all unlimited web host does have TOS that limiting the resources that you can use, and webhostingpad is the same just like others.

From our uptime statistic monitoring and review, webhostingpad is getting more amazing and giving us impressive stat. If you want a low budget web hosting plan that is in good quality and offering value for your money, webhostingpad $1.99 hosting plan can be the best choice for you after all!

Visit webhostingpad and view their quality budget web hosting plan here!

Last week we wrote a web hosting review article about cheap cpanel hosting plan, and selected webhostingpad WHP as the best cpanel hosting at lowest price compare to justhost and cirtex hosting. Cirtex hosting is the less competitive one due to their small resources given with 10GB storage space only. Thats not true anymore, the latest cirtex hosting plan is even lower price and with unlimited storage space.

As comparison test, webhostingpad WHP is with unlimited hosting features and selling at amazing low price of $1.99 per month. And there is webhostingpad coupon code for free domain name and discount price, which give webhostingpad another advantage is price.

Although cirtex hosting is now with lower price of $2.49 per month and they introducing unlimited hosting feature… its very near, close, but still can’t beat the webhostingpad sub-two dollars web hosting plan with cpanel control panel.

Visit webhostingpad here and view the latest webhostingpad coupon and promotion!

It is a tough choice right now, especially after webhostingpad improved their web hosting services and now with excellent web hosting quality. Their web hosting features and quality is not less than bluehost, hostmonster or hostgator. If you are looking for cpanel web hosting plan, and hope to find the high quality host, probably you will choose hostgator $7.95 or bluehost $6.95 or hostmonster $5.95!

We have hosting with all these four web hosts, and we don’t see much obvious different in them even in term of service quality. Yes, hostgator bluehost offering some good technical support, but we did have some bad experience with them before as well, there is pros and cons in both. Bluehost hostmonster ends their promotion and their hosting price return to $5.95 and $6.95… increasing hosting price!!

You will need a more constant web hosting company that only will reduce pricing and will never increase web hosting price by next year etc. This is the commitment customer looking for in any web hosting company. For sure, webhostingpad is the right hosting company that currently offering their hosting plan at $1.99/mo!

While webhostingpad is the one web host that offering cpanel hosting plan at below $2 dollars per month, and there is webhostingpad coupon code that also offering $15 dollars discount off. Yes, you are paying far less than $2 dollars per month when you choose unlimited hosting plan from webhostingpad WHP.

There are two type of web hosting plan bandwidth limitation available, one is limiting the bandwidth that you can use and another one is offering you unlimited bandwidth hosting. For high bandwidth hosting, you are either given 100Gb or 1000GB bandwidth transfer per month… but you are still being monitored and usage is measures. Your website usage can’t exceed these bandwidth allocation.

For unlimited bandwidth hosting, there is no limit on bandwidth usage, your website can use any bandwidth resources that it require to operate the website. If you are having a famous website, there is no limits of number of page download and how much traffic and bandwidth had taken place. This is why more and more web hosting company upgrade their plan to unlimited bandwidth hosting, to offering more bandwidth to user, and to off-load the server from the bandwidth monitoring task.

Next time looking for shared web hosting, look for webhostingpad unlimited bandwidth hosting plan. Its only $1.99 per month, and get the webhostingpad coupon here for another $15 dollars discount. Visit the webhostingpad unlimited hosting plan here!

Webhostingpad is definately a very low budget web hosting plan, from $1.99 per month, and their service uptime is BAD. This webhostingpad review site hosted with them, are experiencing terrible service uptime. Do you know there is many other budget web hosting plan out there as well? For example cirtexhosting $2.99/mo that is offering great service uptime of above 99.9% from our monitoring/testing. And fatcow hosting $2.95/mo that is also delivers wonderful service uptime as well. Not to forget premium quality web hosting like bluehost, hostmonster, ixwebhosting and justhost hosting selling at $2.49 per month and offers excellent server performance and uptime! Make sure you checkout the latest top web hosting review and the budget web hosting from this Topwebhostingreviews.org website too!

When comparing Webhostingpad and Hostgator, you might be doubted that which hosting company is better quality and more features supported. Why Webhostingpad is more preferable than Hostgator? Indeed, Webhostingpad is more cheaper which it offers at $3.95 per month while Hostgator offers $4.95 per month.

Webhostingpad provides the most budget web hosting service with quality 99.9% uptime guarantee. Webhostingpad was formed in 2005, deliver the best web hosting at a affordable price where everyone can afford to own their website over the world wide web.

As the perspective of technical term, Webhostingpad, Hostgator offers the same control panel – cPanel with unlimited hosting space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited domains, unlimited email accounts, Free site builder. Other features like mySQL database, PHP, Ruby, Mambo and Jomla, OS commerce cart, flash, frontpage extension, CGI-BIN, SSI(Server Side Includes), Fantastico Script Support, Spam Assassin Protection and much more. Ecommerce and blog is ready to build and is just a very simple way to create the website, website themes can be customised.

Webhostingpad is now having their promotion, is only $1.99 per month for 3 years term then you get can all the features hosted with Webhostingpad. If you would like to give a try on Webhostingpad.com, we are suggesting you to order at least one year to get $12 off the regular price of $59.40 or order two years to get $36 off the regular price of $95.04. This promotion is having on limited time only, order it now before its too late.

Hostgator is also promote 20% off by using coupon code, check them out at Hostgator.com

Webhostingpad $1.99/month hosting plan undeniable is the lowest price web hosting plan available. If comparing webhostingpad with fatcow hosting, fatcow is $3.99 per month (after discount), is still $2 dollars more expensive that webhostingpad hosting plan.

Webhostingpad is using cpanel control panel, we most prefer cpanel control panel, but vdeck control panel at fatcow hosting is not lack any feature as well. Vdeck for the pass year had been greatly improved, and its now offering more feature compare to cpanel control panel. You might need to give it a try!

For web hosting feature comparison, both webhostingpad fatcow is now with unlimited web storage and unlimited website hosting, host multiple websites in single hosting account, and not to forget both are ecommerce hosting ready and blog hosting ready too.

Fatcow hosting is now $3.67 per month, and offering good server uptime and reliable web hosting server. Check them out too!

Only the best web hosting companies will get listed in Topwebhostingreviews.org review website. Currently, webhostingpad had been added into this Top Web Hosting Review site, and also appear in their main page.

Webhostingpad is offering budget web hosting plan, with all required hosting features at most affordable price. Webhostingpad had achieve the top web hosting standard, and its now listed in http://www.topwebhostingreviews.org

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