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If you have been hosting with a web hosting company for months or even for years, surely you know alot about them inside out. This is where your experience and information can be useful and helpful to those considering to signup the same web hosting company as you are using. For example we have webhostingpad, the most budget cpanel hosting company here, selling at only $1.99 per month plus $25 dollars webhostingpad coupon code for more discount! How good is this web hosting company? Any problems with webhostingpad hosting, how about the webhostingpad complaints from users customer? Are they being taken care off and solve by the web hosting company at short time frame?

All these are what this webhostingpad review site are created for, help you to answer your doubt, and provide you with real webhostingpad demo website for testing and rating purposes. The time you landed in this webhostingpad review blog, you are already visiting a webhostingpad hosted website, as we are hosting this site with webhostingpad $1.99/mo web hosting plan. We setup the webhostingpad hosting account, installed this webhostingpad wordpress blog, and created this review site.

What is our reviews for webhostingpad?
Years ago we face more problems than any other web hosts, we nearly giving up hope. But not until last year 2010, our web hosting experience changed from bad to great. This webhostingpad budget host plan is turning good right now, our website is getting superb uptime over the internet. Site is more reliable and online entire time. The webhostingpad problems we faced was caused by the domain DNS issue, which is linked to the domain registrar that we host our domain name, not webhostingpad.com. And this issues had caused us far more trouble than expected, problem can be arrised from anywhere, and domain dns can be one of the issue too. Thats why, choose the domain registrar that you can trust, both reliable and affordable.

If you have more webhostingpad complaints or related problems , you can report it here in this webhostingpad review site, we pays you to write us your webhostingpad reviews.

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One Response to “Webhostingpad user reviews, problems and complaints 2011”

  1. Ed Hanks Says:

    I am writing to let you know that I had a horrific experience with webhostingpad.com a site you gave pretty good ratings on. I had cancelled on the renewal date but they charged me anyway. My credit card company reversed the charges after a thorough investigation, but Webhosting pad then turned the small charge over to a collection agency. The account was managed by a 75 year old disabled man. Webhostingpad refused to call me back when I called them, saying that “they do not make outgoing calls”.

    Just want you to know that I would never recommend Webhostingpad.

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